The Vision4Life studies to complete the Prayer Year programme in preparation for the year of Evangelism were held in February

The timetable and subjects were:


Jan 31st Jesus and the Church at Prayer

Feb 7th Praying with the Bible

Feb 14th Praying with the Lord

Feb 21st Praying honestly with Psalms

The group met in a home and enjoyed discussion together whilst learning more about prayer.


United Reformed Church Ministerial Vacancy

is filled!


On the weekend of January 8th/9th 2011 James Church, a student at Westminster College, Cambridge, spent the weekend at Radford Road Church and Lillington Free Church to meet the two congregations and to “preach with a view”. Church members and friends had the opportunity of meeting James informally at the Big Breakfast at Radford Road Church, talking with him over lunch at Lillington Church and hearing him answering pre-submitted questions on the Saturday afternoon.

On Sunday, James led the morning service at Lillington and a specially arranged afternoon service at Radford Road.


All those involved were asked to pray diligently as they sought God’s will to determine whether or not to call James to the joint pastorate.

The following Sunday (Jan 16th) the two congregations met at Lillington Free Church after their morning services and, after fellowship over coffee, were led in prayer by the Reverend Elizabeth Caswell who is the Interim Moderator at both churches as well as being Area Minister.  Opportunity was given to anyone who so wished to express their opinion about the previous weekend and whether they felt that James should be called to this Ministry. Each church then proceeded to vote. The outcome of this was a near- unanimous call be given to James.

Rev. Elizabeth Caswell then phoned James to convey to him the result of the vote and everyone was delighted when he accepted the call. James will not start his ministry until the summer as he still has to complete his training at Westminster College but the two churches are greatly looking forward to the start of his ministry

The Revd. Iain Rennie’s Farewell service will be on July 17th.  The Rev. Andy Laird, at present Methodist Minister at Dale Street, will continue his present work at Dale Street but will also be Methodist Minister at Radford Road Church and will work in partnership with James from Sept. 1st.