The Rainbows had great fun at their Sleep over in February.

The theme of the event was “Under the Sea” and they constructed a boat out of cardboard boxes. ¬†After sticking it all together using oodles of sellotape the painting began! Paint covered the boat, the floor and the Rainbows but it was all splendid fun!

Later a Treasure Hunt was held; there were more craft activities and FOOD!

Sleep (???) was on the floor of the Hall and some Rainbows did doze off after enjoying a midnight feast!

Everyone was up early for breakfast the following morning and all attended the Church Service though the leaders looked somewhat bleary eyed! The theme of Under the Sea was extended by the Minister, The Revd Andy Laird, using the story of Jonah and the Whale.



egg book

The Meaningful Chocolate Company has produced Easter Eggs which explain the Christian understanding of Easter on the pack and included a booklet designed for children telling the Easter story. A limited number of these chocolate Easter eggs have been purchased at Radford Road Church and have been sold to Church members and friends.