January 2nd 2015

9.30am to noon






We ran a morning for children on January 2nd. The theme was ‘Shepherds and Sheep’ and we looked at fluffy Christmas lambs and the adult Jesus as our Shepherd.

Thanks to Jane and all the helpers for making the morning so successful.

The children followed the Biblical story as we played Hide and Seek when the shepherd had to leave his flock of sheep to go and search for the sheep that was lost; we enjoyed craft activities and made sheep masks from paper plates, sheep name badges, colourful shepherds crooks and made shortbread biscuits in the shape of shepherds and sheep. The children enjoyed painting a large mural of the Lost Sheep and the morning finished with everyone enjoying actions songs. It was a delightful morning enjoyed by children and helpers and everyone is looking forward to the next Activity morning which will probably be at Easter.

image (1)




The picture shows the Shepherd with his flock of sheep and, if you look really carefully, you can see the lost sheep at the bottom right of the picture!





Christmas 2015




Chriistmas 2014 022

Chriistmas 2014 021














We were delighted to have so many people sharing in the Christmas services with us.


Chriistmas 2014 019



Dec. 14th at 10.30am Christingle Service



A large congregation attended our Christingle Service and everyone everyone enjoyed making and lighting their Christingle.

We learned of the significance of the orange, the ribbon, the sticks and the sweeties and that the candle in the middle represents Jesus, the Light of the World.



Children and adults delighted in making their Christingles and, after the service, took them home, to remind their families that Jesus is the Light of the World.




cartoon carol singers



Dec. 21st at 10.30am Carol Service

Everyone enjoyed the Service of Carols and Redongs as we sang the well-known carols that tell the Christmas story. The Bethlehem Carol Service Sheets were used. A donation of £6o.00 was sent for the work of Embrace which tackles poverty and injustice in the Middle East..

Chriistmas 2014 020Chriistmas 2014 023














Dec 25th at 10.00am Christmas Morning Service


Our  sbaby in mangerervice at 10.00am on Christmas morning was a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ in a crude stable in Bethlehem over 2000 years ago. The service was led by the Revd. James Church, our United Reformed Minister.

Families, friends and relations came together for this joyous celebration.

Members of the congregation brought along one of their Christmas presents to show to the congregation during the service


Chriistmas 2014 024