Between September 2016 and August 2017 Radford Road Church will be supporting the Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF). This Christian organisation enables thousands of aid, relief and mission projects in really remote places, because that’s where some of the greatest human needs are. MAF operates in the hardest-to-reach locations, where people live isolated from the rest of the world, cut off from the most basic necessities. The highly trained pilots manoeuvre Cessna and Kodiak aircraft through rugged terrain. And while passengers might hold their breath, MAF pilots skilfully land at short, unimproved airstrips on the sides of mountains, in jungle clearings, or on tropical rivers – to bring medicine and doctors, disaster relief, education, evangelists, Bible translators, food supplies, agriculture, clean water projects, and more. Why do they do it? Because they are passionate about sharing Christ’s love beyond where the road ends.

Working in partnership with hundreds of other Christian and relief organisations MAF enables practical help, physical healing, and spiritual hope to be delivered to many of the most remote and inaccessible communities on the planet.

 The new project was launched at our ‘Last Night at the Proms’ evening on September 10th 2016.

News at September 2017

During the past year members and friends have been raising money for the 2016/17 Mission Project.

The aim was to raise £1000 to help the Mission Aviation Fellowship to buy a second amphibian aircraft for use in Bangledesh. The terrain in many parts of this country is difficult to access and local people have been working hard to construct simple runways where planes can land. However. it has been found that amphibian aircraft which can land on both sea and land are extremely useful in areas such as these. They are used to transport people, goods and medical supplies to and from remote areas which, otherwise, would be extremely difficult and time consuming to access.  A second aircraft could make all the difference between life and death in this area and we trust that the gift of £1000 from Radford Road Church will help towards the acquisition of another plane.


The pictures show Mrs Margaret Height (secretary of the Mission & Outreach Committee) and the Revd. James Church, (Minister of Radford Road Church), presenting a cheque for £1,000 to Mr & Mrs Alan Hone representatives of MAF.

For more details of the work of the Mission Aviation Fellowship

please visit their website at www.maf-uk.org



 Our Church Christmas Greeting Card was included with the December issue of the Church Magazine.

Everyone was invited to write a greeting and to make a donation for the work of Christian Aid. Donations totalled £208.00 and this money was used to buy:

5 goats at £22 each           5 sheep at £10 each               6 chickens at £8 each 

Many thanks to all who participated and to Bridget who has organised the Greeting Card. 




Thank you to everyone who filled a Samaritan’s Purse shoe box or who donated goods or money.

Members and friends of Radford Road Church filled 24 boxes and, after expenses, sent £65 to help with the transportation of the boxes.




Thank you to all those who have knitted warm garments for the

clients of our Night Shelter. They are always delighted with these gifts and at a time when life is getting harder and harder for the homeless and the vulnerable in our society your gifts are particularly appreciated.









The Saturday preceding Christian Aid Week is traditionally the day of the Christian Aid Sponsored Walk in Leamington.This year Radford Road Church arranged its own walk and at 9am our intrepid walkers and Julia’s dog, Annabel, set out to walk laps of the Jephson Gardens. 

We are so fortunate to have such wonderful gardens in the centre of our town and we all enjoyed the walk on a beautiful May morning. The sun shone, the birds sang, the trees looked magnificent and the company was great.

We enjoyed the Sensory Garden where one of our team rendered her version of ‘Twinkle, twinkle, little star’ on the xylophone and the friendly Park Ranger unlocked the garden created to replicate Sarah Horne’s display at Chelsea Flower Show, so that we were the first visitors of the day.

We admired the art work in the gardens, especially the new 2D metal display to commemorate the contribution William Louis de Normanville made to the town.  He became the Borough Surveyor in Leamington in 1882 and the new display is in honour of his work in the town. Among his major achievements were the Adelaide Road Bridge, the restoration of the Pump Rooms and the Pump Room Gardens, the York Bridge and Promenade. His masterpiece was the Weir and the Suspension Bridge close to the Jephson Gardens.

We all enjoyed the morning walk and some were fortunate enough to see a heron catch a fish as they crossed the suspension bridge.

Some members completed more laps than others, but our aim was to raise money to help the world’s poor through the work of Christian Aid.



During Christian Aid Week some of our church members took part

in the House to House collection for Christian Aid. Some collected individually whilst others went in a group. Radford Road Church has a huge area to cover  and our collectors attempt to call at as many houses as possible. Many thanks to all those who knock on doors to collect money to help the poorest people in the world and to do God’s work by helping our neighbours wherever they may be.

During Christian Aid Week we raised:

£813.19 in the House to House Collection

£367.00 in the Sponsored Walk

£115.00 in Donations

Making a total of £1295.19 to help the world’s poor.

Thank you to all who helped to raise this money.




We have now completed our current project by raising £1020 for Toilet Twinning.

Toilet Twinning enables people living in poor communities to have clean water, a decent toilet, and to learn about hygiene – a vital combination that prevents the spread of disease, reduces the number of deaths among children, and brings hope for the future.

The money raised by Radford Road Church has provided 3 schools in Asian countries: India, Haiti and Pakistan, to have a block of toilets and  5 latrines in Nepal – one in each of the following locations: Talakhu; Phinikanda, Surkhet District; Pharbang, Rolpa District; Sikre-5, Epudi and Sikre Village.

By raising money for this new project we are helping to

flush away poverty and provide clean water for those in real need.







Good news! The UK Government will double every pound you donate this Christmas, so even more lives can be saved.

At Christmas, we celebrate the hopes of humanity focused on a tiny baby. He was born to a young mother with nowhere but a stable to welcome him into the world.

A joyful night. The night a child was born who would change the course of history. But not every child born in a stable survives.

Together we can spare mums the anguish of losing a child, and make sure more babies never have to lose their mothers.

The money raised (£185) from our Church Christmas card (in which people insert greetings for their church friends and make a donation to Christian Aid), will buy gifts from the Christian Aid Present Aid catalogue. This year we will use it to buy a mobile clinic, some goats and chickens and some vegetable seeds.

This money donated by Radford Road Church will be doubled by the UK Government.


Christian Aid also had a collection in the Royal Priors when a small choir, mainly from the Baptist Church, sang carols. £114.24 was collected.





Christian Aid Week 2014 May 11th – 17th 2014  

Thank you to the walkers who took part in the Sponsored Walk last  Saturday. The walk was most enjoyable and those who set off early met joggers and dog walkers as they went around Victoria Park and the Pump Room Gardens.

Everyone is asked to remember the work of Christian Aid and its partners in their prayers.

Please also remember those who collected for Christian Aid in the House to House collection on the Sydenham estate, in other areas of the town and throughout the country.

Many thanks to all those who gave so generously to help those in the world whose needs are so much greater than our own.

The amount collected by Radford Road Church during Christian Aid Week was:

  • House to House Collection   £1108.76
  • Sponsored Walk                  £  315.00
  • Quiz                                  £     9.00
  • Donations                           £ 210.00
  • TOTAL                              £1642.76

What a magnificent amount! Many thanks to all those who helped to raise this money to help the world’s poor.






Christian Aid, together with many more charitable organisations have launched an appeal to help the people of the Philippines who have experienced the devastating typhoon Haiyan which has recently hit this group of islands.

Thousands of people are feared dead. Hundreds of thousands more have lost their loved ones, their homes and everything they own in the devastation of Typhoon Haiyan.

People are hungry, homeless and afraid.

You are asked to pray for the people of the Philippines and to give generously to the appeal.




A Prayer for the Philippines

Give thanks for those who survived and pray for all the comfort and courage they need

Pray for those who have lost loved ones and for those who have had to witness mass burials

Pray for the 12 million who were in the path of the storm and the millions directly affected

Pray for the emergency response and long-term recovery operation.


A retiring collection raised £65.00 and the church has agreed that half of the money raised at the forthcoming Nativity Exhibition should be donated to the Philippine Typhoon Appeal.






We aim to raise £1,000 for the Sinai Children’s orphanage and school in India.

This year our Church decided to adopt the work of Sinai Ministries as its mission project for the coming year. Sinai Ministries is based in Tamil Nadu, South East India, where it has three churches, an orphanage and a primary school. It was founded by Pastor John Prakash-Nathan in response to the children he saw begging on the street whilst he was working as a military driver. It began with welcoming five children into his own home and grew from there.

Currently it employs over 30 members of staff throughout a range of ministries which includes an Orphanage Home, Primary School, and three Churches.

Moses John, the son of Pastor John who set up and runs the Sinai School and Orphanage in India, enjoys a meal with some of the church congregation after he had preached at morning service on October 6th 2013.






Some of the many boxes
filled with goodies

Radford Road Church supports the work of Operation Christmas Child. This is the largest Christmas shoebox appeal in the UK, demonstrating God’s love in a tangible way to millions of children around the world.

Each year the congregation is shown an Operation Christmas Child video and asked to take the shoe boxes and fill them with gifts for children who, otherwise, would have no present at Christmas. The filled boxes are then dedicated at a Sunday morning service and then sent to needy children throughout the world via the charity Samaritan’s Purse.






July 28th  2013

Over a 12 month period the Mission Project aimed to raise money to provide Aquaboxes for areas of the world where disasters strike and people are left homeless. Their first need is for fresh drinking water. The Aquaboxes are  robust plastic tanks with water purification filters and are packed with essential welfare items for a disaster situation. Once the contents have been removed, each Aquabox can be used to purify up to 1100 litres of polluted water, making it safe and pleasant to drink. As an example, 110o litres is equal to 5,000 cups – that is enough for a family of six people (each drinking 10 cups per day) for about four months. We shall endeavour to raise sufficient money to buy ten of these boxes which will be filled with humanitarian goods which will assist people in different parts of the world who have experienced natural disasters. In addition the boxes  contain a pump and filter which makes polluted water drinkable.

We Did It!

Margaret Height, the  Secretary of the Missions and Outreach Committee, handed over a cheque of £1,000 to Mr Mike Tomlinson the Chair of the Aquabox Trustees.






The project for 2011/12 was to raise £1000 to support the work of Rev. Clive Fowle who was, at one time, our Methodist Minister. Clive works 50% as Minister in Rugby now and 50% of his time is devoted to peace and reconciliation work in Bosnia.






September 2011

CORD’s aim is to contribute to sustainable peace in Africa and Asia through the capacity development of individuals, civil society and governments. It will therefore also invest in developing its staff, promoting innovative practice and learning; and realising its agenda for vibrant devolved regional structures.

Violent conflict is a reality affecting millions of people across the globe.  Conflict forces people to flee their homes and to seek refuge. It breaks up families and communities, disrupts and destroys lives, livelihoods, societies and economies.  Cord works alongside people affected by conflict to make lasting peace a reality.

In 2010-11Radford Road Church supported the work of CORD, a local organisation which strives to build lasting peace in partnership with people living and working in conflict, or post-conflict situations.  The Church raised £1,000 to support this work.

Congratulations to Cord, the Leamington-based charity we are supporting with our Mission Project this year. The Coventry International Prize for Peace and Reconciliation will be awarded to Cord at a service in Coventry Cathedral on November 14th. Cord helps millions of people in some of the world’s most war-torn countries to re-build their lives and communities and focuses on peace building.




In 2010 we supported the work of the Bible Society and bought 10 Proclaimers.

This project was chosen to celebrate the bi-centenary of the birth of Louis Braille. The Bible Society  are sending audio-visual Bible material to countries where  books are not available and/or where many of the population are illiterate. The Proclaimer is a rechargeable, solar-powered machine with the New Testament in a local language on digital chip. Up to 300 people at a time can listen to the Bible read aloud in their own language. This year we hope to raise sufficient money to provide 10 of these machines.

Members had home collecting boxes in which to save their loose change.






September 2009

In 2009 our Mission Project was to raise money for Kibera in Need,

Kibera In Need provides a school                

to educate some of the children from the slums.

The Kibera is a slum area of 2.5 sq. Km in Nairobi, Kenya which is home to 800,000+ people.

Houses are sheds with corrugated iron roofs, roads are tracks strewn with litter, sanitation is non existent and raw sewage spills over the pathways. The stench is overpowering and disease is rife. Some 20% of children die before their fifth birthday and close to 60% of people living in the Kibera have HIV/AIDS. Few have jobs. Lives are short and high in misery, yet many people retain a sense of dignity and a desire to make something of their lives.

The Kibera is a slum area of 2.5 sq. Km in Nairobi, Kenya which is home to 800,000+ people.






The Church raises money throughout each year for Christian Aid

As part of the Church’s work for Christian Aid we take part in the annual Christian Aid collection in the Royal Priors in Royal Leamington Spa.  Volunteers are asked to work in groups of four and each group collects for one hour during the day.  Red CA Balloons are given to the children, Fairtrade chocolates are given to those who donate and passers by are invited to take a Christian Aid Present Aid catalogue home with them.

We actively support the work of Christian Aid by an annual House to House collection during Christian Aid Week, taking part in the Mayor’s Charity Walk to raise money through sponsorship, taking part in collections in the Royal Priors and making other donations to this worthwhile cause.

In addition money from our Harvest service goes to Christian Aid.  We also have special collections to help people in places which have been devastated by major disasters.






We  support the work of the Leamington Christian Mission and the Poverty and Homelessness Project in attempting to meet the needs of those in the immediate area of Leamington Spa.  Our harvest gifts of tinned foods are donated to this work and the LCM uses Radford Road Church premises for a Christmas party for all those in need.

The Leamington Christian Mission works with the local poor and homeless and offers free evening meals: soup, sandwiches, pasta, pizza; cakes; crumbles and a hot drink. They work from their buses which are located in the coach bay on the corner of Newbold Terrace, Leamington Spa from 6.20-7.30pm on Monday to Friday.

Day trips are also organised in the summer months, and Christmas presents and hampers are given to poorer families in the locality.


Please note: In 2015 the Leamington Christian Mission closed. However, the work continues through other voluntary organisations such as Helping Hands, The Leamington Night Shelter and the Trussell Food Bank.



Our Hall is used to give Night Shelter to Vulnerable and Homeless People

A fire caused severe damage to Bath Place Community Centre. The building cannot be used and all the community activities have been accommodated elsewhere.  Radford Road Church offered the use of the Church Centre to house the Night Light project each Sunday night.  This offer has now been extended to Sunday and Wednesday nights. Food and shelter are offered to the most vulnerable and homeless people in the area by a team of volunteers from the community.

Ladies in the church have knitted gloves, hats and scarves and these are given to those who use the Night Shelter at Christmas.





New Church Member & Dedication of Elders

James presents the Certificate of Membership to Jherell



On Sunday 13 February Jherell Galang was received into membership

Everyone is delighted that Jherell has taken this step in her spiritual life and that she has committed to serve the Lord Jesus Christ.








The service of Dedication for the Elders took place on the same day. This is an annual event and reminds the Elders and the whole church of the commitments they have made to the church.

The Elders and Minister surround Jherell with their love.