The service on St George’s Day 2017 (April 23rd) was a very happy occasion.

Two of Jean Young’s grandchildren,  Louis Alexandre and Clemence Marie Jean were brought for Infant Baptism by their parents Alex and Guillaume. They had travelled from their home in France for this very special occasion and were accompanied by relatives and friends. The Revd. James Church led the service and baptised the children and explained the meaning and origin of baptism. Louis and his sister, Clemence were each presented with a candle and a baptismal certificate. The children and their cousins were delightful and it was a joy for the congregation to witness the service. Later the Lord’s Prayer was said in both languages and prayers were said for the families of those injured and killed in recent tragedies in France.


Christian Aid Emergency Appeal


Thank you to all those who donated to the Christian Aid Emergency Appeal.

£156 has been sent from Radford Road Church to help the victims of the

famine disaster in South Sudan, Somalia and Yemen.



Nearly 30 children arrived bright and early to enjoy a fun packed morning of stories, activities and songs all connected to the Easter story.

They were told the Easter story and re-enacted the ride of Jesus into Jerusalem on the back of the donkey. They shouted ‘Hosanna’ and waved palm branches; remembered how Jesus washed the feet of the disciples and how bread and wine were shared in the Upper Room.  They remembered how Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver, and how Jesus was crucified and died. Then everyone rejoiced as the story of the resurrection was told and everyone realised, that Jesus is alive today and we are able to speak with him through prayer.

Later there was a wide variety of crafts connected with the Easter story and everyone was able to take their creative work home to remind them of the real meaning of Easter.

  • making wall hangings

Knitted Bible Stories Exhibition


 April 4th – April 8th

There were 26 scenes in all, starting from the story of the Creation and progressing through the Old Testament with stories of the history of the Israelites. Everyone was fascinated by the creatures going two by two into the ark and turtles, ladybirds, pigs and zebras were admired in this Noah’s Ark menagerie. The observant visitors noticed the dove holding a leaf in its mouth after it had spotted land! The stories from the New Testament showed the Nativity, Jesus’ baptism, miracles of healing and parables of the Lost Sheep and the Sower before concluding with the Easter story.

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  • The Creation


What a wonderful exhibition this was! We all marvelled at the skill, perseverance and dedication shown in the making of these wonderful scenes from the Bible and how the stories were so beautifully and skilfully portrayed in the knitting of the characters.

Rainbows, Brownies and Guides from Radford Road and Dale Street visited and we had over 100 children from local schools who all enjoyed seeing the exhibition and hearing the Biblical stories explained to them. Several children had a good knowledge of the stories whilst, for others, it was a new experience.

During a discussion with the children about the names of the characters in the stories and realising that some of his friends had been given Biblical names such as Daniel, Peter, James and Andrew, one child asked if anyone had the same name as he did. He said his name was Riley! No adult could recall Riley featuring in a Biblical story though one certain Minister did suggest that it might have been the name of the Prodigal Son who ‘lived the life of Riley’ before returning to his father’s house!

One child commented, very logically, that really the angels did not need a ladder to move between heaven and earth in Jacobs’s dream because they had wings and could fly!

Our adult visitors were each given a handbook with an explanation of the background of each scene which many found extremely helpful.


The exhibition brought the Bible to life through the wonderful knitted scenes and has been a huge success. Many thanks to Jenny and David for sharing their talents with so many Leamington people and for allowing Radford Road Church to be the very first church to host these fantastic scenes.

£420.18 was donated at the Exhibition and is to be shared between the Mission Aviation Fellowship and our own church.