James and Sarah kindly invited the whole of the congregation and other friends to call in at the Manse on July 7th between 3pm and 5pm to enjoy afternoon tea.  The weather was superb and the shaded Manse garden was as ideal setting for people to meet with church friends and to enjoy tea, scones, cakes and chatter.

Our hosts provided an excellent afternoon tea and although the event clashed with the England/ Sweden match in the World Cup the ardent supporters were able to see the match live in the sanctuary of the sitting room!

It was a happy occasion, made even more special when England scored two goals and won their match!

£125.00 was raised on the day and this amount was donated to the Good News Hospital in Mandritsara, Madagascar where Matt and Sarah Serratt and their family from Myton Church, Warwick, are part of the hospital team. Matt is an anaesthetist and works at the hospital as one of two surgeons whilst Sarah teaches English at the Good News School. Not only is medical advice and treatment offered at the hospital but the patients receive Good News of the Gospel which is shared in morning and evening services and in one to one conversations.






Andy has had responsibilities in many of the churches in the Circuit and has been the Methodist Minister at Radford Road since 2011. He is now planning his retirement and his last service at Radford Road was on July 1st. After the service we said our farewells to Andy and Ann.

We all say thank you to Andy for his Ministry in the Methodist Circuit and ,particularly at Radford Road Church. We have appreciated his messages, his Lenten groups, his caring, his cheerfulness and his musical ability.

‘Au revoir’, Andy and we all wish you a happy retirement.

There will be a Circuit Farewell Service for Andy at 4.00pm on July 29th at Dale Street Church to which all are invited.






Geoff C has written the following poem which he would like to share with everyone:



Our one Minister, James Church

Would never leave you in the lurch

Because, as you can see,

The middle of his surname is URC.


Our other Minister, Andy Laird,

Is one Methodist who really cared,

We all will miss him with a sigh,

As he is retiring at the end of July.


We certainly will miss him, and you’ve guessed,

We hope his retirement will give him rest,

We send him love with all our hearts,

The day he leaves, the day he departs.


Both the Ministers have given us Christ’s love,

Like the descending peace in the form of a dove,

They give us hope, it is their vow,

To teach us in Christ to learn right now.


Come on, Radford Road Church, let’s cheer with zest,

Our Ministers are the very best.

With one great Hoorah! we pray and then

It’s with thankful hearts we say Amen.


God’s Speed, Andy.