An Afternoon Soiree was greatly enjoyed by all who attended. Ladies were asked to wear their smartest clothes. Lovely outfits were paraded and matching wide brimmed hats or fancy fascinators completed the outfits. It could have been Ladies’ Day at Ascot! Margaret Height  arranged a splendid programme of music and readings. Between each item canapees and drinks were served whilst the audience promenaded and took part in lively conversation with each other.

The event was to raise money so that the Bible Society could buy Proclaimers – solar panelled audio Bibles which enable the poorest people in the world, who are unable to read or write, to hear the Word of God. These oral communities ‘read with their ears’ – telling stories and sharing information by word of mouth.

The Soiree raised over  £250.00 which will enable Radford Road Church to complete its 12 months of money raising for this year’s Mission project, “Faith comes by Hearing”. A cheque for £1000 was presented by the church to Mr Eric Munder, a representative from the Bible Society, for the purchase of Proclaimers for people in Tanzania.