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Arden Warwickshire’s international camp is run every 4 years. This time 14 Brownies and 15 Guides joined with 3 Guides from Dale Street to make the Leamington South group camp. We were also pleased to have 4 Ghanaian leaders in our group.

The camp was full of activities which exhausted adults and girls. The girls enjoyed water activities, arts (including holding snakes and spiders), a treasure hunt in Birmingham, a day in Drayton Manor Park and then circus skills. The closing ceremony was incredible with fire jugglers ending with Catherine Wheels spinning on their backs.
The girls who attended wrote their thoughts about the camp whilst they were there. Here are their impressions of Arden 2014 (in their own words!)

Karis: Camp has been really fun and I went kayaking, it has been really cold in the morning though.
 Jess thought the best part was being in the mess tent, having a meeting and going to sub camp fun night and spending a pound.
Chloe: I bought a big tub of pop corn and I had a shower with a watering can.
Maggie: I liked it when we went to the activist place because I held a tarantula and leopard gecko.
Rhiannon: I liked it when we played splash and the red band team built a raft but it fell apart before we got it in the water, so we put it back together. When we got it back together we got 2cm into the water and it brock the back gone into the water first, I wanted to get out so I jumped into the middle then I bashed my head on the way in the water.

Rebecca: camp is always fun but this camp is the best the activates are amazing: animal man, water, sport, Birmingham. They are fun and the things I haven’t don sound AMAZING!!!! If I could change 1 thing I would change eggy bread  it is yuck!!

Ruby: camp is really fun although all I really miss is being able to flick a light switch on at night!

Morgan: I enjoyed the splash because I fell in.

 Immy: I enjoyed everything!!!!!

 Helen: I really like Arden and all the activities are really good. Wasps are annoying though

Beth: I have found Arden really fun, I loved doing splash and being in a kayak, I can’t wait to play haribo poker with my friends in my tent

Katie: I enjoyed sleeping because it is relaxing, I also enjoy hot chocolate because it is tasty

 Helena:  I have enjoyed lots of things but I loved the sailing because I have gained it as a skill! Also I have a really good book that I read at night and I enjoy it immensely

Annabel: I liked talking with the guides from other places and the opening ceremony but the rain is very noisy in a tent

 Mia: I enjoyed the evenings in our tents, the opening ceremony and meeting new people

Beckah: I have enjoyed meeting new people! I’ve had fun with the water activity although I fell into the water before we even set of. Looking after the brownies. It’s been fun spending time with them. I have really grown to like Rhiannon  and  she is now in our tent. I liked meeting the people from Ghana and swapping things from other countries.

Helen: I love Arden it’s been so fun doing activities with your friends that you would not normally get the chance to do. I have enjoyed meeting people from different countries. The Ghanaian guides are ŵreally nice and fun to talk to.

 Hollie: Everyone is really nice and I think that all the activities are really fun also I’m really enjoying the camp!!!!!!! But the wasps are really annoying

Siân: we have had lots of different types of food for breakfast lunch and dinner, at breakfast we have had eggy bread and  pie (apple rhubarb and cherry pie) for lunch we have had loads of awesome food and I can’t remember it all so I won’t say and for dinner we have had even more awesome food but I can’t remember those as well. The activities are really fun because I have done stuff like theatre and graffiti and facials and we have done much more I have enjoyed the sleeping the most and we have also had cake for pudding which is also 1 of the best things Arden is really cool I wish I could come next year and have as much fun as I have had today also I had my cow wanzie (onesie) on and I let some of the brownies ride on my back which was fun for me and the brownies so yea I hope to come next year.

 Katie: I liked disco because she was very good at climbing. We had a midnight feast and ate lots of sweeties like candy floss and haribos.

 Abi: we had lots of fun at splash but we got very wet(I did wind surfing.