CHRISTIAN AID WEEK 14th ‑20th MAY 2017 Christian Aid is the biggest single act of Christian witness in Britain. Radford Road Church is appealing for collectors, walkers and sponsors to raise money for this worthwhile cause. House to House Collection Our Church is responsible for house-to-house collections on the whole of the Sydenham estate and in some other areas of the town. This is a mammoth task and the more volunteers we have the easier the work becomes. Could you spare an hour or two to go with others, or by yourself, and knock on doors to collect the envelopes? A sign up sheet is in the Church vestibule. Walkers and Sponsors Radford Road is organising a sponsored walk around The Jephson Gardens on Saturday 13th May. The walkers will meet at church at 9.00am and, after their walk, will return to Church to recover at the Big Breakfast. Please sign up if you would like to walk or sponsor the walkers. The forms are on the board in the Church vestibule.

PLEASE SEE NEWS tag for result of the Christian Aid Week and Walk.