Margaret and George Height provided the music on drums and piano whilst the Revd. Andy Laird led worship with guitar.

The congregation was reminded of the Christmas story using puppets, Power Point pictures and songs which told how the Angel spoke to Mary about the forthcoming birth of her baby.  Puppets of the host of angels were “manned” by “volunteers” and led the shepherd puppets to Bethlehem where Baby Jesus was born.  The puppet kings were then given to the three wise men who followed the star around the church as an improviso for their travels from the East.

This was a most enjoyable fresh approach to the Christmas story and led to the whole congregation making individual christingles.

Christingle means Christ Light and is a way of communicating the Christian message in a fun and inspiring way to the regular congregation and to the local community. 

The Christingle is made up of an orange, wrapped in ribbon, with a small lit candle and dried fruits or sweets inserted into the orange flesh and skin. The dried fruit and sweets are secured to the Christingle orange using four cocktail sticks. It is designed to appeal to children and each part of the Christingle is symbolic:

  • The orange represents the world in which we live and reminds us of our responsibility of being good stewards of its resources.
  • The red ribbon wrapped around the Christingle orange is a symbol of the blood of Jesus Christ which was shed for our sins. It is also a symbol of forgiveness.
  • The dried fruit and sweets represent the four seasons of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter and the fruits of the earth of young people. (Some say the four points of the compass of North, East, South and West to represent the good things the world provides). We are entrusted to share the fruits of the world with others.
  • The lighted candle represents Jesus Christ who is seen as the Light of the World who shows us God’s love.