Concert by Dan Holmes

Everyone was very disappointed when the concert by the American singer, Dan Holmes was cancelled last year because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Dan still hopes to tour churches in the UK sometime in the future.

In the meantime he is going to do a 30 minute “live” concert from his home studio on Sunday January 24th at 6pm (our time) via Facebook Live. The concert will also be recorded so that it can later be uploaded to YouTube.

Do try to watch as it will be very enjoyable and will give a flavour of things to come.

Dan writes,

“While it seems that we are often taking one step forward and two steps back, I believe we are making progress to ending the long trial of patience. It is still my prayer that we will be relieved of the Covid plague and we will be able to return to a new normal. I know that you are gacing restrictions and that this seems to be an endless road. I’m praying that God will give you peace.

So, what can I do to help? Whenever I ask a question like that, God is quick to respond…..use the gifts that I have been given to help you! Following the plan, I’d like to do a short concert for you!! Live! From my home studio/office via Facebook Live. I’d like to do it on Sunday January 24 at 6.00pm. (6.00pm your time!) It will only be about 30 minutes, but I’d like to share a little music and maybe a story or two with you and anyone else that would like to watch live.It is my hope that this might bring a little light to you and bring us closer together.

I’m looking forward to being with you on the 24th! Until then, stay strong, stay safe.

Blessings and Peace,


(The Facebook link will be available here as soon as Dan sends it)