Mothers Day daffodilsWe had a wonderful Mothering Day Service at Radford Road  which was led by Andy Laird and was enjoyed by all. Margaret played the grand piano, George was on the drums and Andy strummed on his guitar. The children from the Uniformed  Organisations enjoyed the percussion instruments which were available.

Daffodils were given to all the ladies to celebrate the day.

During the service we focussed on some famous mothers (Marge Simpson; the late Queen Mother; Mary, the mother of Jesus; Victoria Beckham; Mother Theresa who, although not a mother herself cared for thousands of poor and needy people.

An inflated world globe was passed round the congregation whilst we centred on countries in need of our prayers.

We thought about different types of light and the Bible being the light by which we should live. The Bible teaches us that we should care for others in the same way as a mother cares for her child and that we should help others to see clearly and to stick to the path which Jesus showed us.