Radford Road Church hosted a live performance of the Gospel of Mark on the 28th March 2015. The performance lasted for approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes and included a short interval.  People came from many of our local churches to experience this event and the church was full. 

This dramatic retelling of the complete Gospel of Mark was performed with original music, by father and son team, Ian and Peter Birkinshaw. This was the perfect event leading us into Holy Week and Easter.

A traveller arrived and immediately began to relate his extraordinary account of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The story was swiftly told using a chair, a table, and the few simple items the traveller carried with him. The vivid gospel narrative was underscored by live music which captured the mood of the crowds. There is joy and sorrow, comedy and poignancy, as one after another, characters in the drama come to life. The audience re-lived the journey towards Jerusalem and the cross. After the death and burial of Jesus, members of the audience were invited to share bread and wine which were used to remember the events of the Last Supper, before the startling discovery of the empty tomb…

It was a remarkable and moving performance and the audience was captivated and spellbound as they were led through the life of Jesus to the crucifiction and resurrection. For many members of the audience it was the first time they had heard the complete Gospel of Mark read or  performed as a whole.

Our thanks go to Ian, Peter and Adele Birkinshaw for performing and staging this wonderful performance.



St Mark presentation picture


Ian Birkinshaw : JOHN MARK

Ian is Rector of All Saints’ and St Andrew’s, Huntington, York, and also Chaplain to Riding Lights Theatre Company.
In 2012 he was community assistant director on the York Mystery Plays. Prior to ordination Ian taught English and Drama, and he has written and directed many plays for young people, including The Dragon of Wantley, an original musical performed at the Crucible Theatre for the Sheffield Children’s Festival, and an adaptation of C.S. Lewis’ The Voyage of the Dawn Treader for Riding Lights Youth Theatre. His publications include Multi-Sensory Together  and Multi-Sensory Parables (Scripture Union).

Peter Birkinshaw : MUSIC

Peter is the Marketing and Communications Manager for Riding Lights Theatre Company.
He has composed, recorded and played music since he was a teenager, including the music for a production of  Hamlet (El Mono Theatre Co.) performed at the Camden People’s Theatre and The Brockley Jack Studio Theatre, London. In August 2013 he was assistant musical director and played Dr John Faustus in Faustus (Six Lips Theatre) at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Peter also serves as a worship leader at St Barnabas Church, York.