Women from several Leamington churches gathered together at St. Mark’s church on Friday March 3rd to join in the wave of prayer that encircled the world. The first service was held at daybreak in Samoa and churches in 170 countries used the same service in their churches throughout that day.
The service had been prepared by the women of the Philippines and reflected on the theme ‘Am I being unfair to you?’
The congregation focussed on a very busy, colourful painting produced by Rowena ‘Apol’ Laxamana-Sta. Rosa, a self taught artist. It was a picture of two halves – one side painted in dark, dull colours showing tenement houses, industry and forlorn, lonely people whilst the other bright and vibrant side depicted rivers, fields and plentiful harvests. The congregation reflected on the two contrasting sides of life as seen through the eyes of the women of the Philippines. whilst holding to the truth that God is a fair and just God.
At the end of the service everyone was invited to hold hands in a circle to signify unity with one another throughout the world.
Come and join the circle,
come and take my hand.
Come and join the circle,
come and be my friend.
                                                                              Gather round and see
                                                                              what the world can be.
                                                                              Come and join the circle,
                                                                              come and share God’s word with me.