On Thursday November 21st at 2.00pm 15 people came along to help to prepare the knitted angels ready for distribution in our town. A band of knitters has been busy throughout the year knitting tiny angels to bring the message of Christmas to people in Leamington Spa.

Each angel had to be placed in a plastic bag, together with a card which gives details of our Christmas services. Also there was an invitation to those who find the angels to visit our Nativity Exhibition (Dec. 3rd to Dec. 8th 2019). It is always amazing to see the look on the faces of people as they discover the angels and the angels convey love and friendship to people in our community.

The afternoon was fun and enjoyable and the task was easy to do with so so many willing people ready to lend a hand.


People chatted and laughed

and concentrated!

Now the angels are being distributed on park benches, railings and trees for people to find.

It is lovely to watch the expressions of surprise and joy as the recipients look at the contents of the bags and discover the angels. Already positive messages have been posted on Facebook and conveyed to members of the church saying how much these little gifts are appreciated.