Many of you will remember the Nativity exhibition, belonging to Marjorie and John, which was held in our church on two previous occasions. It features Nativity sets from around the world and includes a manger scene in an Indian tepee, a Peruvian set which features llamas instead of sheep, a miniature set for a dolls’ house and over 100 others.

Marjorie spoke to the URC synod about the collection and displayed just a few of the models. This aroused a lot of interest and people were fascinated. This year more exhibits have been added.

Last year the exhibition was on display at churches in Coventry, Leicester and Wellesbourne. This year it starts off at a Methodist church in Cambridge and then moves to Abbey Hill URC in Kenilworth. There are bookings for each year until 2022 and a highlight is a booking in Coventry in connection with the city’s year of culture in 2021!

Churches which stage the exhibition are asked to make a contribution to Radford Road Church’s Mission Fund and so wherever the exhibition goes Radford Road Church is mentioned and benefits and visitors to the exhibition are reminded that the birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated around the world.