Knitted Gifts Update

Margaret and the volunteers of the Night Shelter have sent the following letter of thanks for the hats, gloves and scarves which were hand knitted for the clients of the Night Shelter:

Thank you so much for doing the knitting for our clients. The hats, gloves and scarves have been extremely helpful to us for handing out to our clients. We usually put them by the door so that they (the clients) can help themselves when they leave in the morning. If they are not stopping overnight with us we give the knitted items away in the evening and they  are very thankful.

Margaret goes on to say that the Night Shelter was open as usual during Wednesday and Sunday of Christmas week and they had plenty of volunteers including some from the Winter Night Shelter. The Winter Night Shelter had provided a place of refuge during other nights of the Christmas week.

Please note: This is an ongoing project and we plan to give more knitted items of clothing to the Night Shelter each Christmas