Special Events 2016/17






The fighting in Syria is constantly in the news. What is often reported is the human problem of how many of the population are desperate to escape from the situation. Many find a route out of Syria and travel to Lebanon which is a country of comparative safety.

The population of Lebanon is 4 million and at the present time this includes a million people from Syria i.e. 25% of the Lebanese population. Lebanon has a long history of caring for refugees.. It helped the Palestinians who were fleeing from Israel 30 years ago and a centre was set up in Sabra to give support. Over the years the nature of the work there has changed and that centre is now caring for the Syrian refugees. The centre has expanded and now an additional centre has been established at Nabraa. Among those fleeing from Syria are many children and young people. Their education has been disrupted because of the necessity to leave their homeland. This results in their chances of eventually being able to earn a wage diminishing.

Our Mission project this year is to support the education work being done at the Nabraa Centre in Beirut and to help the young displaced children to learn skills which will enhance their chances of eventually securing employment and becoming independent. At the present time 250 children are being educated at this centre which is called “The House of Light and Hope”. The Archbishop of Tyre and Sidon is the Patron of this Christian work.

The education work at the House of Light and Hope in Nabraa is our new Mission project and we aim to raise £1000 to help this work to progress.

Please pray for the work of the Centre and the staff and young people involved in the project and help us to raise money to help this Christian charity.



Learning sewing skills


Becoming computer literate


A young electrician


Learning to wire plugs



Radford Road Church has now reached its target for this Mission Project and a cheque for £1000 will be presented to Mr Emmanuel Toutoungi for the House of Light and Hope at the morning service on August 28th.