Welcome to Radford Road Church, Radford Road, Leamington Spa CV31 1NF

A Local Ecumenical Partnership between the Methodist Church and the United Reformed Church

We are delighted that you have clicked through to our site. We would like  to introduce you to our church and to the church activities in this community. We are situated in the Old Town area of Royal Leamington Spa.



We give a warm welcome to all who visit Radford Road Church and invite everyone to join in our worship and in any of the activities which occur during the week. We offer friendship and fellowship to all in our community and in the wider world and would be delighted if you would join us in our journey of faith. This website has been set up to tell you about our church in Radford Road, Royal Leamington Spa. It will let you know who we are, where we meet, what we’re doing, and when it’s happening – so that you can come to worship and pray to God and take part in any of our weekday activities. If you need any help of would like someone to talk to or someone to pray with you, or for you, contact us and we shall try to help. We would be delighted to see you at our services on Sunday and midweek or at any of the weekday activities.

Please click on the sub-headings above to find out more about us.

The church, which has a purpose built ramp at the entrance, and also the Church Centre, are both totally wheelchair accessible. Toilet facilities for people with disabilities are available in both buildings.

Do come along and share in worship and friendship.



                                                                 Jesus says, Come to me all of you.
                                                                           come if you like noise, 
                                                                           excitement and celebration.
                                                                  Come if you like quiet and calm 
                                                                           and a chance to catch your breath.
                                                                  Come if you want to grow 
                                                                           and learn and change.
                                                                 Come to me, 
                                                                           all who work and strive 
                                                                           and I will give you rest.






A Junior Church for Primary age children now runs each Sunday morning. The children join in worship for the early part of each service and then go into the Vestibule to continue to learn more of Jesus’ love and care for them. Stories, craft work and songs help the children to focus on a particular theme. 

New children will be welcome to join this lively group and to add to the fun of worshipping together.



                                                                   The Great War


One hundred years have now passed by, how can we understand?

a million lives were sacrificed, from this green and pleasant land;

but not this land of ours alone, knew falling tears of sorrow;

ten million soldiers from all sides, gave up their tomorrow.




The Battle Fields ran red with blood; in trenches, trembling fear

mingled side by side with valiant heart, determined, purposed, clear.

How did they feel, or stop to think, their youthful days being lost,

or did they fight with valour, not looking back, nor count the priceless cost?


These ugly years brought growing bonds, now seeded into beauty;   

Then, boy to youth to fearless, fearful man, fulfilling more than duty.

Across the bloodied fighting grounds; some halfway back, tho’ not retreat,

But grit, and risking life and limb, to lift another from defeat.


Did they despise the foe they fought, the men they’d never known?

They’re just a hundred yards away, alike, in battle thrown.

On Christmas Day, an interlude, no enemy there to fight,

Instead, two friendly football teams; an awesome, hopeful sight.


Pass, defend, attack, shoot now, the goal is in your sight.

Shoot now, shoot straight, shoot, shoot; shoot with all your might –

It’s Boxing Day, the game’s been played, and we are foe again;

Attack! Shoot! Shoot now; three more killing years of fear and of valiant pain.


One hundred years have passed by now, how can we understand?

We can but bow our heads in thanks, for freedom in our land

They paid the price, they gave their all; their sacrifice, our gain;

Now let their greatest gift of Peace, throughout all lands remain.


Jeff Hancocks












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