Last January, Bridget and I had a really good time visiting Marjorie. She showed us her new greenhouse and her workstation where she showed us her new skill…cutting woods using a jigsaw cutter! Bridget and I had to fix her garden door and she cut a piece of wood for us to serve as a latch. Awesome right? She just keeps surprising us with her skills. I cannot think of anything that Marjorie cannot do.

We had a lot of catching up, lots of stories shared over a cuppa. We had a massive roast dinner from the lovely pub in the village and went for a stroll around the village and the Houghton Mill National Trust. It was beautiful!

Marjorie mentioned that she wants to be a volunteer guide at the National Trust. I think she would be awesome on that.

We all had a thoroughly wonderful day together, with so much chatting and laughter.

Marjorie would be happy to see friends from Radford Road Church, if you would like to come and see her, why not drop her an email at to see when she is free?

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