Dear friends,

It is almost a year since I performed my egg and spoon race and marathon of mini marathons in order to raise funds for the MND Association. Many of you donated very generously during April last year and in total you generated the amazing sum of over £5,500. There have been some really exciting research developments recently so to help these progress even further I’m going to do another fundraising event on 1st April this year. Will you sponsor me?

This year my April fools challenge will be different, in that I’m no longer mobile so I’ll have to conduct it from my bed watching TV. My spirit remains very strong, even though my body isn’t. My eyes work perfectly as does my brain, so I’m going to watch all 5 of the Jason Bourne films, again.

I hope you all think this is a worthy challenge and support this by sponsoring me through my fightback fund. Please can you let any other people you know who know me have these details in the hope they will support me too. My fightback fund is currently just over £43,000, it would be nice to get closer to £50,000, the MND Association really need this money.

I’m hoping that you may be able to make a donation to sponsor me for this event, but it’s fine if you don’t feel able to do so this time around. I have created an event on my fightback fund’s fundraising page, here is the link:

Just click on the link to make a donation. If you can add gift aid too, please do so to boost your donation by 25%.

MND is a terrible, terrible disease. Up until now it has been described as being incurable. Recent research means it’s not incurable, it is underfunded. You can help put that right now by making a donation.

Thank you for all that you have done for this charity in the past and for reading this today. I do hope you will feel able to help this time around too.

Love and prayers,


Andy Laird

I’m fighting Motor Neurone Disease

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